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Understanding Hairdresser Needs

“A Strong leader makes other people feel valued and appreciated.”

I believe in the course of trying to grow a successful business we as salon owners, sometimes forget the personal and professional needs of the people that work in our salons.

We cannot expect our hairdressers to have the same motivation as ourselves. Not everyone has the same motivations and goals. Your challenge as a salon owner and leader of your team is to understand their needs and blend all these different needs into a team culture.

Many of our staff just want to do a great job and spend time with their family, others want to to work in a positive and professional environment,while others are are more ambitious ,committed to maximizing their full learning and earning potential.

Our business is such that we must rely heavily on our hairdresser’s ability to keep our customers coming back time and time again. We also must address the challenges of avoiding staff turnover and business interruption.

Why do many hairdressers keep changing jobs? There are many reasons, perception that they can earn more money elsewhere, unwillingness to contribute to a team culture,inability to communicate with the owner, salon gossip and negativity, poor hiring decisions on the part of the owner. and the list goes on.

Sometimes we as well meaning salon owners also must share in the blame in not understanding the needs of our staff. Are we not the leader of our team?


As a salon owner myself I have always tried to understand the educational needs of my team by investing in my salons greatest profit potential — educating my team.


I do hope the following tips will help us as salon owners, bridge the gap between staff and management, by being more sensitive and understanding to the personal and professional needs of our team.

Follow these tips with an open mind:


Recognition and Support – sometime a little pat on the back and praise for a job well done can be a great motivator. Perhaps a little note saying I appreciate your hard work.

Positive and Professional Salon Environment — create conditions that foster loyalty by working hard to create a working environment where it’s fun to go to work every day. Make sure when you add a new member to your team, they will be compatible with your other team members. Work hard to create a working environment based on trust not fear, make their jobs fun and fulfilling.

 Ongoing Education — invest in educating your team. As leader of your team, your responsibility is to give them the educational tools and support in helping  them   maximize their full learning and earning potential. Click here.

Mentor –— offer guidance and support by helping them improve their skills and self confidence. Show them how to be successful. You get the best of others when you give the best of yourself.

Sometimes it’s good to bring someone from the outside to show your team you care about their growth and development.  My Hairdresser’s Guide to Making Money seminar will be appreciated. Click here for sample flyer.

A Busy Salon — of course our hairdresser’s want to stay busy. As salon owners we need to work hard at promoting and marketing our business. Of course you must make sure you measure the customer return rate and referrals of your staff.

Invite Employee Feedback — let your staff know that your door is always open if they have concerns. Let your team know you value their suggestions and opinions. From time to time on a one to one basis,ask them, how am I doing as your boss?


Clearly Define Their Job duties —how can you expect your team to perform if they do not know your expectations and how they will be measured. Your employee handbook should be the foundation of training and educating your team. Click here.

Our profession is experiencing difficult times in today’s tough economy, as leaders of your team it will be your responsibility and challenge as their mentor to take your team to the next level and being more sensitive to the needs of your team.

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  1. Heidi Petersen February 27, 2012 at 3:33 am #

    well said!:)

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