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The Greedy Salon Owner? Why Can’t We All Get Along?

  “You may not think you have the perfect boss at times, then again you may not be the perfect employee at times.”


There seems to be a growing contempt and jealousy towards pharmaceuticals, oil companies, financial institutions, wall street, rich people, or anybody who is successful. Surprisingly salon owners are also victims of this contempt

I was recently reading some chat room comments where hairdressers were commenting on their salons and owners

I was alarmed by the degree of animosity, misunderstandings, and negative attitudes towards salon owners and managers in their efforts to grow their business and improve profits.

These are some of the comments I read from some hairdressers : Salon owners are greedy, why should the keep half of everything I make, they drive fancy cars, they don’t appreciate my hard work and the list goes on and on. Where and why are these attitudes formed? Was it in beauty school, gossip in the backrooms of our salons, lack leadership and poor people management on the part of salon owners?

I’m sure some of these comments may be justified, but many of these comments and attitudes simply result from poor communication between staff and management.

Lack of understanding  each others needs is a major challenge facing salon owners. I can assure you that most salon owners are not rich. I have yet to meet a salon owner that wants to see their team and salon fail.


Most hairdressers  do not have an understanding of what it takes to run a business;if they did, I think they would be more supportive of management. It is equally important for salon owners to respect the rights of their staff.

Without  profits how can salon owners provide you with a benefits program,  spend money on advertising for more customers, and provide job security.

Personally I as a salon owner  felt  a moral responsibility to grow my business  and help my staff raise their standard of living,by educating them, and helping them reach higher levels of excellence.


Perhaps a class on business at the beauty school level on what it takes to own your own business would help change some of these attitudes. These types of attitudes towards salon owners are one of the leading causes of staff turnover and misunderstandings. When turnover occurs everyone loses. How can we expect to raise prices, advertise for more customers, maintain job security, create a positive and professional salon environment and improve our standard of living in this negative atmosphere?


It is my wish that hairdressers will gain a better understanding of the heavy duties and responsibilities salon owners face daily. It is also my wish that salon owners become better leaders in helping their team reach higher levels of excellence —personally, professionally, and financially. We are all in this together.

Let us examine some of good aspects of most salon owners.


Salon owners should be applauded for the following:


Salon Owners Create Jobs — in today’s tough economy we should be thankful we have jobs, and the opportunity to maximize our full learning and earning potential. Many salon owners sacrifice time and money to provide a better life for themselves and their team, as well as  the courage to take  risks, in many cases investing their life savings in opening a business.


Salon Owners Make Sacrifices — T o achieve success requires sacrifices and hard work. Many owners sacrifice time with their families, usually the first to work and the last to leave. Their business is always on their mind. Their hard work and sacrifices benefits you and provide you with a job and an opportunity to reach higher levels of excellence.


Spend Money and Time on Advertising — salon owners are always working hard to attract more customers, which is very costly and time consuming.


Provide Mentoring and Guidance — most salon owners are willing share their vast experience and skills in helping you grow your career. Many offer guidance,education, moral support and ongoing mentoring.


Education and Training: most top salons invest in educating and training their team.


 A Positive and Professional Salon Environment. — many work hard to create a fun and positive team environment.


Struggle to Make a Profit — without profits there is no money to advertise or promote salon for more customers or provide incentives and a benefits package. If the salon fails— no job security


Risk of Losing Clients — while young starters gain experience in meeting high job market and consumer demands,many owners risk losing money and customers while helping young hairdressers  gain experience. Learning by trial and error is risky and costly.


Provide Job Opportunities — allows hairdressers the opportunity to grow their talent and careers by providing jobs.


Owners Must Maintain Business Stability— many owners have to work hard to overcome staff turnover, to maintain job stability for their other  team members until they find a replacement.


Let us join together to be more supportive of each others needs.


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One Response to The Greedy Salon Owner? Why Can’t We All Get Along?

  1. Norma February 19, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    This is very good insite and understanding. I defiantly think there should be a class in beauty school or one available for a new employee or boothrenter to know what a salon owner has gone thru to open that door and turn on the lights so they can waltz in and have everything clean and put together so to be inviting to clients. It has been a nightmare of negative attitude to expect basic responsibilities to even keep their area clean or help with folding towels. I could go on and on. As an owner we do it. We have made the major investment and have the most to loose. Thanks.

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