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The Benefits of Writing Your Own Blog

“You have a wonderful opportunity to inspire and lift the spirits of others.” Jon Gonzales

With the popularity of social media, salon owners and hairdressers have a great opportunity to build visibility and promote customer loyalty to your business writing your own blog.

The purpose of writing a compelling blog post is to inform your loyal customers and attract new customers, by providing useful information that  will be benefit your present customers and future customers.

By providing non promotional information such as beauty tips, how to maintain hair between salon, and inspirational quotes, you will be able to target a specific market to brand the image of your business and services.

The following tips will help you start your own blog:

Increase online visibility —a blog will improve your ability to attract more people to your fan page or web site.

Search Engines — will help you improve your search engine rankings and gain greater web site exposure

Provide valuable information — for present and potential new customers. People will see you as an expert in your field. An excellent resource in offering interesting information and provide  solutions to their challenges.

Attract New Customers —an excellent opportunity to raise your image as an expert in your field.

Build Meaningful Relationships — an excellent resource to build customer loyalty to your salon

Enhances Customer Service — a good example of excelling at customer service, giving your customers and potential new customers compelling information in helping your customers find solutions to their problems.

Answer questions — an excellent venue in inviting your customers to ask questions concerning their beauty needs. This format allows you to open up your own community, by inviting comments and discussion groups.


If you don’t have the time or expertise to write your own blog, there are many people who will write your blogs for you.There are many students who would love to help you write your own blogs. You can also place an add in Craigs list seeking people who write blogs.

You can also Google blog writers and list your city. For weekly blogs, information, business tips,follow me and press the like button. Click here

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