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You’re Graduating from Beauty School! Now What?

“You’re graduating from beauty school — now what?” Congratulations for choosing  a career in the beauty profession as your chosen profession. You have chosen a profession that offers unlimited opportunities provided you know what it takes and have what it takes to be a winner in a profession that can be fulfilling, challenging and potentially […]

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Salon Owners Must Speak Out!

” There are no rules here,we as salon owners must speak out” – Jon Gonzales After 43 years in the trenches as a working hairdresser/salon owner  and 10 years as an consultant and educator ,I feel I have earned the right to speak out and voice my concerns and opinions about the challenges facing hairdressers, […]

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Hairdresser mistakes to avoid

Hairdresser Mistakes You Must Avoid

In today’s competitive business climate, hairdresser mistakes can undermine your growth and development. Making mistakes most often leads to losing customers, something our salons cannot afford in a very competitive job market. No one’s perfect, nor does any one perform poorly on purpose. Sometimes, mistakes happen. Here’s a list of common hairdresser mistakes that are […]

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Developing Self Confidence

“You are special and unique. Live up to your own expectations, not the expectations of others.” Developing self confidence is a critical component to finding happiness within — personally, professionally, and financially. We live in a very changing and uncertain economic climate. Many people fear the unknown; many more are in denial and refuse to […]

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Keys to Staff Retention

Our business growth, stabilit  and profitability  depends heavily on staff retention. The  performance of our staff and the avoidance of staff turnover and staff stability are keys to staff retention.  No salon can continue to grow and be profitable with a constant merry go round of staff turnover. How can we grow our business with […]

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Excelling at Customer Service

“High end and well managed salons place a high priority on customer service.”  Jon Gonzales Your Competitive Edge Top salons set a high priority on excelling at  customer service. Salon owners and hairdressers  know that excelling at customer service gives them a competitive edge. Think about your own experiences when you patronize a business. Have […]

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Keys to Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

“I do not believe hairdressers perform poorly on purpose;they just have not been properly educated.”  Jon Gonzales Assuming that you have taken the time to hire the right people who share your vision, goals, and educational concepts; your next step to improving your salon’s greatest asset will be in educating and leading your staff to […]

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A Special Happy Mother’s Day

” Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while,but their heart’s forever.” – This week’s blog posting is dedicated to all  Mother’s working in the beauty profession. Trying to earn a living,be a good mother or owning your own business is a gigantic challenge for all women ; especially single mother’s  who want a […]

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Keys to Success and Happiness for Hairdressers

  “Success is not the key to success. Happiness is the key to success..If you love what you are doing,you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer   Many hairdressers are trying to raise their standard of living for themselves and their families in a very difficult economic environment. The question is how do you meet these […]

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Tips on Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

  ‘The salon owner who is able to create conditions that foster loyalty will be presented with countless opportunities.”   As I travel the country I am always asked how I can improve staff performance and productivity. Establishing strong work habits and positive attitudes within your salon is a major challenge to salon owners. Many […]

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Six Tips on What it Takes to Succeed

  ” A formal education will make you a living;self-education will make you a fortune.” -Brian Tracey   As I travel throughout the United States and Canada, presenting my business and personal growth classes, I am always asked the same questions, how can I reach higher levels of excellence  in the beauty profession? Why do […]

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Tips for Developing Your Salon Coordinator

” The easiest way to find more time is to organize and delegate.” Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a salon owner due to time restraints? There always seems to be little time to meet the challenges of salon ownership. How do I monitor customer feedback? How do I find time to monitor staff performance? […]

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Education Tips for Hairdressers

         ” Some of the best lessons we learn,will be learned from our mistakes and failures.” Building a successful hairdressing career will require patience, perseverance, ongoing education and a fierce determination to succeed. With over 40 years’ experience I certainly understand the many challenges of building a successful hairdressing career; I also […]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Salon Ownership

“When facing difficulties and adversity,one must never lose sight of our successes.” I am well aware of the many challenges of salon ownership. For over 43 years I also faced the same challenges you face as salon owners, but I also have been able  to enjoy the benefits of owning my own business. I certainly […]

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8 Tips On Combating a Tough Economy

” There is no failure except in no longer trying.” – Elbert Hubbard Owning your own business can be daunting especially after the holidays  during a slow economy. Why is it that some salons thrive in a good and tough economy? Why is it that some salons are thriving while others are struggling just to […]

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Five Tips on How to Define Your Terms of Employment

” Employee training includes the clear communication of expectations and evaluation procedures.” – Jon Gonzales “I’m always asked the same questions by salon owners. How do I deal with a problem employee who refuses to be part of my team? How do I deal with salon gossip and pettiness? How do I avoid staff turnover? […]

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Honesty and a Code of Ethics

” There is no substitute for basic honesty and integrity in one’s life.” Many hairdressers and salon owners are experiencing many challenges in trying to provide a better life for themselves and their families. In order to raise our standard of living and  make this a reality, we must join together as professionals and address […]

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