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A Compensation Reward Systems

Compensation Rewards System – Incentives for Improving Staff Performance and Productivity Our business is such that we must rely on the performance, productivity and stability of our staff to reach higher levels of excellence. There are many ways to improving staff performance and productivity, which salon owners must do if they wish to encourage their […]

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Honesty and a code of ethics is the best policy for success in our industry.

Honesty and a Code of Ethics

Many hairdressers and salon owners are working hard and experiencing challenges as they try to provide a better life for themselves and their families. In order to make this a reality, we must join together as professionals and address a topic that is hurting our salons, our profession, and our livelihoods. It my hope that […]

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It's Time to Speak Out!

It’s Time to Speak Out!

  After 43 years in the trenches as a working hairdresser/salon owner and 10 years as an educator, business consultant , author, motivational speaker on personal growth and development , I feel I have earned the right to speak out and voice my concerns and opinions about the plight of hairdressers, salon owners and our […]

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Combating Burnout

   “Find a place within where there’s joy and the joy will burn out the pain.” — Joseph Campbell Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Do you sometimes lack the energy to perform at peak performance? Do you sometimes feel tired with no energy? Do you sometimes feel all stressed out, and worry about your bills? […]

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Conquering Your Breaking Point

Salon Owners: Learn How to Avoid Reaching Your Breaking Point “Face your challenges head on with self confidence!” – Jon Gonzales Does this sometimes sound familiar? You’re booked solid and eager for a busy day,when a staff member calls in sick at the last minute on a busy Saturday. You just received your profit and […]

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Salon Owners Must Speak Out!

” There are no rules here,we as salon owners must speak out” – Jon Gonzales After 43 years in the trenches as a working hairdresser/salon owner  and 10 years as an consultant and educator ,I feel I have earned the right to speak out and voice my concerns and opinions about the challenges facing hairdressers, […]

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Developing Self Confidence

“You are special and unique. Live up to your own expectations, not the expectations of others.” Developing self confidence is a critical component to finding happiness within — personally, professionally, and financially. We live in a very changing and uncertain economic climate. Many people fear the unknown; many more are in denial and refuse to […]

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Seven Business Mistakes Salon Owners Must Avoid

“Some of the best lessons we ever learned,we learned from our mistakes and failures.” The beauty industry is rapidly changing. Business costs continue to rise, it seems like it is getting more difficult to find quality hairdressers, an economy that is struggling, staff turnover, price and commission wars, and the list goes on and on. […]

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Keys to Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

“I do not believe hairdressers perform poorly on purpose;they just have not been properly educated.”  Jon Gonzales Assuming that you have taken the time to hire the right people who share your vision, goals, and educational concepts; your next step to improving your salon’s greatest asset will be in educating and leading your staff to […]

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The Greedy Salon Owner? Why Can’t We All Get Along?

  “You may not think you have the perfect boss at times, then again you may not be the perfect employee at times.”   There seems to be a growing contempt and jealousy towards pharmaceuticals, oil companies, financial institutions, wall street, rich people, or anybody who is successful. Surprisingly salon owners are also victims of […]

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Salon Owners: Eight Incredible Days to Renew Your Passion!

  “Let us unite as salon owners and  professionals;let us cherish the unity and pride that binds us together.” You’re invited to be part of our new grass roots movement by attending our 8 Day Salon Owners Summit Conference sailing to the Caribbean February 1-8th. We will be visiting The Bahamas,Curacao,Netherlands Antilles and Aruba,Netherlands Antilles,sailing […]

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A Special Happy Mother’s Day

” Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while,but their heart’s forever.” – This week’s blog posting is dedicated to all  Mother’s working in the beauty profession. Trying to earn a living,be a good mother or owning your own business is a gigantic challenge for all women ; especially single mother’s  who want a […]

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Overcoming the Peaks and Valleys of Salon Ownership

  ” The keys to overcoming too many valleys is to learn from your mistakes and move on with determination.” – Jon Gonzales   Owning your own business can be very challenging in today’s tough economy. Salon owners must wear many hats, business man or woman, managing people, finding ways to gain more customers, motivating […]

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Tips to Growing Your Business

” A trial and error approach to growing your business in a tough economy is just too costly.” Jon Gonzales   As we approach the end of summer, it is time to plan for the rest of the year and into next year.  As we try to grow our business in the middle of a […]

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Tips on Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

  ‘The salon owner who is able to create conditions that foster loyalty will be presented with countless opportunities.”   As I travel the country I am always asked how I can improve staff performance and productivity. Establishing strong work habits and positive attitudes within your salon is a major challenge to salon owners. Many […]

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Six Tips on What it Takes to Succeed

  ” A formal education will make you a living;self-education will make you a fortune.” -Brian Tracey   As I travel throughout the United States and Canada, presenting my business and personal growth classes, I am always asked the same questions, how can I reach higher levels of excellence  in the beauty profession? Why do […]

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Time for Educational Reform

  “Develop a passion for learning and self improvement. if you do,you will never cease to grow.” As I travel throughout the United States and Canada conducting my presentations at major hair shows and conducting my business seminars for salon owners, I am always asked the same questions. How can I prevent and overcome staff […]

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