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Hairdresser’s Guide to Success

Why is it that some hairdressers make it big while others just get by? How do they stand above the crowd and gain that all important competitive edge? What secret hairdresser’s guide do they follow to see such sweeping success? The truth is there are no magic secrets to being a peak performer than just […]

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Thank You From Jon Gonzales

 “Real entrepreneurs are open minded professionals who strive for new ideas, concepts in finding solutions.”   Jon Gonzales Thank you for following my weekly blog and for your interest in Hairdresser Career Development Systems. This blog post is designed to help salon owners  improve salon profits, help you to develop powerful business management skills, and help […]

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The Greedy Salon Owner? Why Can’t We All Get Along?

  “You may not think you have the perfect boss at times, then again you may not be the perfect employee at times.”   There seems to be a growing contempt and jealousy towards pharmaceuticals, oil companies, financial institutions, wall street, rich people, or anybody who is successful. Surprisingly salon owners are also victims of […]

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Six Tips on What it Takes to Succeed

  ” A formal education will make you a living;self-education will make you a fortune.” -Brian Tracey   As I travel throughout the United States and Canada, presenting my business and personal growth classes, I am always asked the same questions, how can I reach higher levels of excellence  in the beauty profession? Why do […]

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Mistakes Hairdessers Should Avoid

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead.Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled one at a time.”- Winston Churchill Many of us with experience were unprepared for a competitive job market. Many thought that graduating from beauty school would be all that we would need to build our careers. […]

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Tips for Achieveing Financial Security

  ” Money is better than poverty,if for only financial reasons.” “We live in a difficult and uncertain economy. Every day the cost of business and living continues to rise, as evidenced by rising gasoline prices. Everyday you read  about people who are having financial worries because they did not plan for their future or […]

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How to Find Quality Education

“A trial and error approach to finding quality education is unacceptable.”   – Jon Gonzales It is getting more and more difficult to find quality education that meets job market and consumer demands. How do hairdressers and salon owners find unbiased education that focuses on their educational and business needs? Innovation  in education is needed if […]

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Overcoming Burnout --- Regain Your Passion

Overcoming Burnout — Regain Your Passion

” Burnout is nature’s way of telling you to take a break.” Building  and growing a hairdressing career or owning a salon/spa business can be daunting. Balancing your personal, professional and financial development is a challenging  journey  that can cause a series of peaks and balances that will from time to time cause burnout. In […]

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