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Six Steps on How to Communicate with Your Hairdresser

Understanding your customer's needs

” To listen is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.” John Marshall

A message to your customers!

I am sharing an excerpt from my salon newsletter that we sent to our customers:

Lack of communication between client and hairdresser is one of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction.  A clear dialogue between hairdresser and client is essential in finding a look that is uniquely just right for you.

At Chez Jon Hair Salon we listen to our clients’ requests then offer our expert professional opinion.

Our customers may not be accustomed to hairdressers who actually listen to their requests; we’ve seen and heard many of your bad experiences at other salons.

We’ll choose your winning look based on your needs, not our egos.

For example, “a little off the top “can mean many things based on the interpretation of your hairdresser.

Follow these guidelines when communicating with your hairdresser”

Easy Maintenance — between salon visits. If you desire a hairstyle that’s easy to manage between salon visits, let your stylist know.

Long Hair — if you are partial to long hair, make it clear to your hairdresser that you are partial to long hair.  A little off the top can mean different interpretations.

Are Your Expectations Realistic and Practical — What may look good on someone else may not be suitable to your unique features and characteristics or hair texture?  Perhaps it may require a couple of visits to correct a poor hair cut acquired at another salon.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words — When visiting a stylist for the first time, bring in a realistic picture of a hair style you like.    Although the style in the picture may not be suitable for you based on other factors, it will help your stylist to better understand your beauty needs

An Open Mind to Change — especially if you are contemplating an entirely new look, always keep an open mind to change when your hairdresser suggests an idea for a possible new looks that is compatible with your features.  Sometimes it will take a week or two to get used to your new look.

Listen to Your Hairdresser — allows your hairdresser to offer their professional opinions.  Together you’ll be able to choose your perfect hairstyle that is just right for you.

A clear dialogue during the consultation will help our hairdressers find a look that will help us in  meeting and exceeding your high expectations.  Here at Chez Jon Hair Salon we value your patronage.

I suggest you add this message in your salon menu or salon newsletter,it will help you improve your client retention efforts.  Above all listen to what your client is saying.

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