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Seven Steps to preventing and Overcoming Business Setbacks

“Persistence will give you the power to prevail over all problems and obstacles.”

As a salon owner, you will experience many challenges and obstacles as you compete in a very competitive business environment. Avoiding staff turnover, combating rising business costs, combating salon gossip and pettiness, owner burnout, increasing salon traffic cost effectively, improved profitability,  finding quality hairdressers, to name a few of the challenges salon owners face daily.

The key to overcoming the many peaks and valleys of salon ownership will depend on your attitude towards adversity. No one ever said owning a business would be easy, especially in today’s tough and uncertain economy. Trying to overcome these setbacks by trial and error in is just too costly.

I have listed seven steps that will help you avoid and overcome many of these business challenges.

Defeat or Triumph over Adversity — your attitude towards adversity will play a major role towards your ability to preventing and overcoming the many obstacles of salon ownership.
Keep in mind your not alone, many salon owners experience the same peaks and valleys as you do; some are able to cope better than others.

Despite these challenges adversity can offer many opportunities to grow your business if you seek out help, and develop a fierce competitive spirit. Tough times always separate winners from losers but tough times always present fantastic opportunities.

Time to Reflect — sometimes you just have to find time alone, regain your focus and reflect on your strengths’ and weaknesses, so you can identify the causes of your setbacks and make adjustments. My book Developing Your Skills has a salon owners quiz that will help you measure your own strengths and weaknesses. Click here.

Map Out Your Plan of Action — how will you combat these challenges? The easiest way to overcome these challenges is to review your current structure  and organize your salon accordingly so that you can better manage your business, instead of your business managing you. Refer to my book Creating Your Salon. Click here

Take Action — complacency is a mistake many salon owners make. Getting into the habit of always delaying business decisions is a habit you must avoid. Write down your problem and address immediately. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Get mad — develop your competitive spirit. Identify your problem then work hard to solve it. Determination and perseverance is a key ingredient to overcoming set backs.

Get Help — don’t allow you’re self to feel overwhelmed and combat your challenges alone. Help is available. Learn from people who have years of real word experiences who have successfully overcome many of the obstacles you face daily in your salons.

More Education — the leading cause of business failure is lack of business management skills on the part of salon owners. There are many classes available to you, learn to work smarter, not harder. Review my road map to salon success brochure as an example. Click here

As a salon owner with over 43 years of real world experience, I understand your educational and business needs.
I formed Hairdresser Career Development Systems, free of any special interest groups or product companies, so that I can remain objective and focused on your needs.
Please review my weekly blogs, monthly newsletters, educational resources that I know will help you meet the growing challenges of salon ownership.

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