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Special Reports, Salon Success Strategies, Checklists and More!

The following salon success strategies & resources are designed to not only inform and educate, but also to address the many deep-rooted issues and daily challenges salon owners and hairdressers face in their salons.

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Excel at customer service 1250

How to Win Back Lost Customers

Did you know that it’s far easier to win back lost customers than it is to win new ones?  These 3 little-known strategies will help you lure back past customers. (I used these strategies in all my salons.  You’ll be surprised how easy they are to apply!)

satisfaction 1250

Guidelines in Seeking Customer Feedback

Satisfied clients can reward you not just with repeat business but also with plenty of referrals to help you grow your business.  Here are 10 ways salon owners and stylists can find out just how satisfied clients are and how likely they are to refer business your way.

loyalty 1250

How to Build Customer Loyalty to your Salon

Learn the #1 marketing strategy that highly successful salons use to build customer loyalty and boost their business profits—it’s not only inexpensive, it can be set up on automatic pilot.

financial future 1250

Financial and Retirement Planning for Your Future

Most hair stylists focus on developing their artistic and technical skills, and ignore creating a financial plan for their future until it’s too late. The guidelines presented here will help you start on your path towards reaching your financial goals.

training program 1250

How to Develop Your Own Junior Stylist Apprenticeship Program

Part 1 and 2 reveal key steps every salon owner has to do when hiring junior stylists to ensure win-win results. This sample 5-week training program will help your junior stylists become master stylists faster and help you improve salon profits. Most salons don’t know use this knowledge and lose out on opportunities for business growth!

client retention turnover 1250

How to Prevent and Overcome Staff Turnover

The key to overcoming staff turnover is to take preventive measures and have a solid contingency plan.  Follow these 14 steps to prevent turnover and build a stable staff and clientele.  (Failure to do so will allow you to get gobbled up by your competition!)

client loyalty 1250

Client Retention—Make it a Reality

 As a salon owner in today’s competitive environment, you can NOT afford a trial-and-error approach to client retention.  The effects of client loss are just too costly.  Avoid these 9 mistakes that most salons make!  (This knowledge will help you stand out from your competitors and build positive word of mouth advertising).

client retention mistakes 1250

Identify and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Customer Loss!

Discover 10 powerful strategies salon owners can use to gain loyal clients and avoid the devastating effects of customer loss.  When you follow these guidelines, you’ll eliminate many of the reasons why salons lose customers!

unleash power within 1250

Unleash the Power Within

Find out success secrets and tips for making your goals and dreams a reality.  Building a successful career in the beauty industry requires more than just artistic and technical skills!

ownership 1250

Identify and Meet the Challenges of Salon Ownership with Confidence

What to do if the challenges of salon ownership are wearing you down and hurting your business?  Get 10 tips to turn things around, get inspired and renew your passion!

winning team 1250

How to Build Your Championship Team 

Follow this guide to learn what you can do to avoid the biggest mistake most salon owners make in building a salon business ((failure to overcome this challenge leads to unnecessary business disasters!)

Excel at customer service 1250

Excel at Customer Service—Know It’s Power

Discover simple strategies you can easily use to stand out as a professional and get your clients to recommend you to their friends again and again.   Too many stylists struggle needlessly to grow their client list because no one has ever revealed these strategies to them.  That won’t happen to you after you read and apply this know-how.

grass 1250

Avoid the Grass is Greener Syndrome— Read Before you Change Jobs!

The 7 most important factors every stylist needs to consider before changing jobs.  Discover the reasons why most stylists take a pay cut when they move to a new salon and how to avoid making foolish mistakes that cost you money and stress.  Plus get a checklist for creating positive changes in your job.

booth 1250

Learn the Real Truth about Booth Rental

What every salon owner needs to know before hiring hairdressers as independent contractors.  Far too many salon owners unknowingly expose themselves to business failure, financial disaster and audits when renting booths.  Don’t be one of them!

staff performance 1250

Leadership Guidelines for Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

19 ways to become a stronger leader and take your staff to higher levels of excellence.  A dedicated and educated staff will positively help you grow your business in more ways than you can imagine!  (Some of these tips will help you create a fun work environment that benefits everyone!

retirement now 1250

Financial Planning—Start NOW

You work hard for your money; make your money work hard for you.  Learn two investment options to help you build your retirement plan. Even saving just a little every month can yield exciting returns over the long-term.!

gap 1250

Bridging the Gap between Staff and Management

Both salon owners and stylists can benefit from this advice on joining forces to create a successful salon that benefits the owner, stylists and clients!  Learn what you can do to enjoy greater financial and emotional rewards from creating a positive, team-based salon business.


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These “hairdresser & salon success” articles are based on my 40 years of experience as a hairdresser/salon owner, and on information shared by thousands of hairdressers, salon owners, and educators I have had the privilege of meeting during my travels throughout the U.S.and in Canada while conducting my business management seminars, and guest appearances at many of our top hair shows.
I urge you to read with an open mind and share this information with your staff. I do not profess that I have all the answers; I am giving you my personal thoughts and opinions based on experience.  I urge you to seek out other people’s opinions, then make your own decisions based on what is right for you. Do not dismiss your own thoughts and opinions.  –  Jon

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