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Salon Owners: Eight Incredible Days to Renew Your Passion!

  “Let us unite as salon owners and  professionals;let us cherish the unity and pride that binds us together.”

You’re invited to be part of our new grass roots movement by attending our 8 Day Salon Owners Summit Conference sailing to the Caribbean February 1-8th. We will be visiting The Bahamas,Curacao,Netherlands Antilles and Aruba,Netherlands Antilles,sailing from Fort Lauderdale.  Fun, relaxation, education, and networking with other salon owners who are committed to tackle and prevent the many obstacles and challenges affecting salons, our profession, and the quality of our lives free of any special interest groups.

Salon owners are facing many challenges; business practices that may have worked in the past are now outdated and obsolete.

As salon owners individually we have no power or influence to address the many obstacles we face daily. You are no longer alone; together we can take back our profession and our salons power. there is power in numbers.

This conference is not about Jon Gonzales, I will simply be a moderator in discussions of topics, this is your conference designed to voice your opinions and learn from one another. This is your opportunity to voice your concerns and opinions. Owners helping and learning from one salon owners will be our theme.

I am donating my time and money to help salon owners unite and form a united front to take back our salons and our profession.

There will be no product sales or speakers representing product companies including my own, the emphasis will be on you and your business and educational needs.

Some of the topics we will be addressing: how to implement an apprenticeship on  job training program, the need for an equal playing field,how to prevent turnover and staff pirating, unity among salon owners, how to help our beauty school system  better prepare students in meeting owner and job market demands, honesty and a code of ethics, finding quality educational resources that are not biased towards product company needs, forming a support group, and additional topics. It is time to take back our power, improve your standard of living and demand that our industry respond to our educational and business needs.

If you are concerned about the future of your salon; and our profession,  support our movement by joining us for a fantastic 8 day cruise that will not only renew your passion, but help grow your business to higher levels of excellence.

Don,t delay send in your deposit to lock in your special rate.

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend:

Education: if your tired of the flea market atmosphere of some of our trade shows and want quality education and information that focuses on your individual needs, you now have an opportunity to join our new grass roots movement.

Your Voices Will Be Heard: united we can pack a powerful message and demand change and innovation, focusing on our educational and business needs. Let us together find solutions to the many challenges of owning a business.


Owner Support Group: Owners interacting to help and learn from each other. There is more than enough business for everyone. No need to feel threatened by your competitors, consequently allowing hairdressers to turn owner against owner must stop so we can effectively address turnover and maintain business growth and stability.

Sharing Cost Effective Marketing and Advertising: learning from one another by discussing cost effective methods of advertising and marketing.

Fun and Relaxation: there will be plenty of time to enjoy all the amenities and relaxation that you need to lead your team and salon to higher levels of excellence. Your salon will survive one week without you. You will return with knowledge, a support group and new passion.

You’re Not Alone Anymore: if you have concerns or need a helping hand, your colleagues will offer their opinions and support.

Group Buying power — share ideas on how we can order supplies etc. at reduced prices

 Don’t be left out,send in your refundable deposit now, to insure this low rate, deadline will be soon. You will need a passport. Click here

Call Trina at 562-435-5993 or email her at for complete travel info, or call Jon at 1-800-390-4237. Those who sign up will receive conference itinerary and topics of discussion.

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3 Responses to Salon Owners: Eight Incredible Days to Renew Your Passion!

  1. Lupe Ramire Flores August 28, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    my family wants to go on the cruise there will be 6 of us
    2 are cosmetologists how much time will we be in lectures will we have time to spend with the rest of family ? can you give me some idea please
    thank you

    • Jon August 29, 2012 at 8:42 am #

      There will be plenty of time to enjoy all the activities of your cruise with fellow salon owners and family. there will be daily 2 hour discussions while at sea and in the evenings. Of course those of you that want to extend our discussions will also be accommodated. I personally will be available to help each of you after conference, if you want personal help throughout the cruise. Remember this conference is not about me, I will simply be the moderator in addressing topics affecting our salons, profession and standard of living. After conference hours I will be available. I am donating my time and money to keep your costs down,I just want to help unite salon owners so we can address all the challenges you face as salon owners.


  2. Beverey Samuels August 29, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    Hello Everybody

    What a great opportunity to get and meet all hairsalon owners/stylist
    I so envy you all,Wish you can come do something like
    This in South Africa ,the hole country will join in.Hope
    The hole California gonna be on that boat,enjoy and have a blast.
    Greetings from Cape Town SA

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