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How to Maximize Your Own Personal Growth and Development

“You and only you control your own destiny”


Personal growth and development involves many factors such as clearly defining what will make you happy and your ability to unleash the power within to make your goals and dreams a reality.

Are you maximizing your full learning and earning potential, have you clearly defined your goals and expectations or are you always looking for excuses to fail? Are you adapting to the many changes and challenges occurring within our profession?

Far too many people depend and place their full trust on others such as the government,  beauty schools,teachers, society, loved ones, coaches, etc. While they will help guide and mentor you in helping you be more productive and happy, it will depend on  you and only you to control your own success and happiness. Learn to trust and believe in yourself. This is your life.

Far too many place too much emphasis on others to make them happy or be more successful, only to be discouraged because they didn’t get the help they expected.

Many more are in the habit of blaming others for their setbacks and unhappiness, always looking for excuses to fail.

Sadly far too many accept mediocrity in their lives,instead of reaching for higher levels within their lives.

The following tips will help you chart your own path to excellence within:


Goal Setting — without a plan for your own success and happiness you will just drift  aimlessly in circles. Map out you life’s plan making sure you set your own personal,professional,and financial goals.

A Winning Attitude — if you always look for the positives  in your personal,professional and financial lives real hard you won’t see too many of the negatives so prevalent in our society. Your biggest test of of courage will depend on your ability to ignore negativity.

Unleash the Power Within — you control your own destiny, you’re biggest obstacle will probably be yourself. Take the word I can’t out of your vocabulary and replace the words  I can. Nobody can stop you from learning and growing but yourself. The door to self improvement is wide open. a greater and happier life will be your reward.

Create a Demand — in your professional life.  If you want to create a demand for your services, then create value in yourself and in your skills through ongoing self improvement. The more skills and experience, you develop the more you will grow.You can start by learning how to promote yourself and skills through social media.

Yourself — you control your life, never give up on your dreams . get in the habit of cultivating your mind by reading,learn to work smarter, not harder.

Education — will open many opportunities for your growth and development. Read books on self improvement and self motivation, the door to education is never closed. Develop a passion for learning and self improvement,your possibilities will be endless. Knowledge is power, never stop learning, challenge your self every day.

Competitive Spirit — be a fierce competitor in the arena of life. Learn from others ,then strive to do it better. Challenge yourself everyday  to maximize your full learning and earning potential.Compete to be the best. are you willing to make the sacrifices it takes to make your life meaningful, productive, and fulfilling?

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