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Overcoming Burnout — Regain Your Passion

Believe in yourself always

” Burnout is nature’s way of telling you to take a break.”

Building  and growing a hairdressing career or owning a salon/spa business can be daunting.

Balancing your personal, professional and financial development is a challenging  journey  that can cause a series of peaks and balances that will from time to time cause burnout.

In trying to seek a better life for ourselves and our families, we sometimes will run into road blocks that can cause burn out.

Some people handle this temporary challenge better than others.

It is my wish that the following guidelines will help you renew your passion and overcome the temporary challenges of burnout:

  • Read a Motivational Book — or just a good book for a change of pace.  Reading motivational and educational books have always been a great way to help me overcome the challenges of burnout and it will also help you take your mind off the daily challenges of life and renew your enthusiasm.  By continuing to seek self improvement, opportunities will come your way when you least expect it.
  • Exercise — go for a bike ride or take a nice long walk.  Exercise will give you the fuel and energy we all need in helping us overcome the many anxieties of life.  Exercise is a great stress fighter.
  • Seek out Education — knowledge is powerful; the more you learn, the more you’ll regain your enthusiasm for work and self improvement.  The door to education is never closed.  Education helps combat lack of confidence and will help you regain your competitive spirit.
  • Eat healthy food — good health begins with a healthy diet.  When you’re under stress, many people take refuge in eating either too much or eating harmful foods.  When you look good and feel good about yourself, you’ll regain your passion for self improvement.
  • Go to a movie — do something a little different and out of the ordinary.   Maybe a good play or concert will help you get your mind off of work.
  • Enjoy Your Family— if you’re a mother or a father, take your kids to the zoo or on a picnic. Perhaps you may can visit your parents and let them know you love them.  We sometimes forget our parents; telling them you love them will make you feel great, and it can be a wonderful gesture to your parents.
  • Ask Your Boss — if you feel that you’re not earning enough money or having difficulties in building and keeping  a clientele, ask your boss how you can improve . He/she will welcome your honesty and desire for self improvement.
  • Spoil Yourself — maybe a relaxing massage or facial, or simply  a day all to yourself for meditation – can do wonders for your well being.
  • Get Away — whether by yourself or with a loved one; perhaps an overnight stay at a popular resort.

Following these guidelines will help you develop your own self-management system which will help you overcome and meet the heavy challenges of your job, your personal life, and your financial future.

Recognizing burn out from time to time is merely a signal that you need to take a break.

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