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My 2014 Wish List for Hairdressers

Written by Jon on January 5, 2014 – 12:00 pm

dreamstime_4930429-250x250“If we are to raise the standard of living for hairdressers,then we must raise our standard of educational excellence.” – Jon Gonzales

Last week I created a wish list for salon owners in an effort to help them become better business men and women. There ability to develop strong leadership skills and become astute business men and women,will benefit our hairdressers personally, professionally,and financially.

I also want to help salon owners bridge the gap between management and staff,so we could better understand and communicate each others needs and concerns so we can create an environment of trust ,not fear.

Today I want to focus on my wish list for hairdressers, to not only help them achieve  success and happiness, but also help them gain a greater understanding  of why it is important and beneficial for them to contribute to a team culture  sharing the same vision, goals, that will create a professional and positive salon environment for everyone. A house divided hurts everyone.

I want to dedicate this wish list to all  hard working hairdressers, and in fact, all the hard working beauty industry professionals including: hairdressers, nail techs, skin care, and make up artists in our profession.

It is also my wish that salon owners show a greater effort to better understand the educational and personal growth needs of their team members who work hard in our salons. As salon owners we must always respect the dignity our staff. We must earn the trust and loyalty of the people that are part of our team.

It is also  important that hairdressers understand the business of salon ownership and perhaps be more supportive and understanding why salons need to be run like a business and profitable.


My Wish List for Hairdressers:



A Higher Standard of Living — As a profession,most hairdressers work hard  day in and day out and should be rewarded personally, professionally, and financially for their efforts. A higher standard of living  for hairdressers and their family will benefit our profession.


Salon Owners Who Develop Strong Leadership and People Management Skills — if your salon owner works hard to earn your trust and support, you owe it to your salon  to work hard  to take yourself and your salon to a higher level.

Education and Training — it is my wish that we upgrade and modernize an educational system where the focus towards learning is on you,not any special interest groups disguised as education. We are all victims of an educational system that needs reform.I formed Hairdresser Career Development Systems to help bridge this gap.

Mentoring and Guidance — that we find mentors and role models who are willing to share their vast experience and knowledge to make your journey to success and happiness easier than theirs. Help is available. Click here.

More Customers — that hairdressers will always be busy with regular and new customers. We need to show hairdressers how to market and promote themselves and their salon . Referrals and repeat customers will be your reward.

Rewards and Praise—  that salon owners offer incentives and praise to reward you for your hard work and loyalty.

A Benefits Package — based on performance and productivity, but only when the salon is profitable. I urge salon owners to better understand the educational needs of your team and make this wish list a reality. But none of this can be possible without profits and without a constant merry-go-round of staff turnover. Let all of us join together, both salon owners and hairdressers, to make this a reality. As salon owners let us never forget the hard work of our staff.

2014 will be a difficult year,but always remember this; adversity always present fantastic opportunities for those of you who truly want a better life for yourself and your family.

I formed Hairdresser Career Development Systems to help you on your journey to success and happiness.

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