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A Message from Jon Gonzales

Due to time restraints and my desire to add more educational content for my University of Higher Learning, as well as finishing up two new books for salon owners, and scheduling my 2 day business only seminar for salon owners in 2018; beginning Sunday, December 3rd, I will be suspending my weekly blog, which will resume on March 11th, 2018.

As many of you know, I was able to retire financially independent and debt free. Along the way I had to find solutions to overcome the dark side of my profession, most of which I had to learn and overcome the hard way. I have been very loyal to those of you working daily in the trenches. I respect you and your need for help in the beauty industry by not representing any product companies or special interest groups on my website. I know you want straight talk in addressing your concerns. I’m always on your side.

My only business is a passion for education. I want to focus on finding solutions to the many challenges salon owners are facing every day. In my opinion, exploitation of hairdressers and salon owners is very real and crippling to the industry. I have donated my time writing my free blog articles, business success tips, and sharing my 43 years as a salon owner and 10 years as a business consultant. It has been very time consuming, but worthwhile to help my colleagues overcome the many challenges of earning a good living.

Time permitting, I will make periodic announcements and comments during this hiatus. Having spoken to thousands of fellow hairdressers and salon owners, I hear their concerns and focusing all my attention on how we can stop the bleeding occurring within our profession. Despite all these challenges, I see a coming boom for well managed high end salons and hairdressers. You can survive the storm.

Please be sure to view my web site and archived blog articles while I’m away, as well as preview my books and special reports.  Time permitting i will be making periodic opinions during this period. I will be releasing some exciting news after the holidays are over. Wishing you and your families a Very Happy Holiday Season and a successful 2018!


Jon Gonzales


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