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A Message to Beauty School Students

Dear Student,


Congratulations on choosing hairdressing as your chosen profession. I do hope the following information will help guide you as you start your journey towards reaching your goals and aspirations.

I have often been asked if a career in the beauty profession a good career to enter?

My answer is a resounding yes, provided you have a passion towards maximizing your full learning and earning potential and you receive the proper mentoring from people who have more experience than yourselves.

You have chosen a profession that offers unlimited opportunities once you gain experience, knowledge, and make a firm commitment to ongoing self improvement.

Building a career in the beauty profession offers unlimited possibilities provided you have what it takes.

Building a career in the beauty profession  is a journey, not a sprint.

In my opinion a career in the beauty industry can be a short cut to financial independence.

Once you gain valuable hands on experience, continue to learn and create value in yourself and in your artistic and people skills you will be able to create a demand for your services.

You must keep in mind that beauty school is designed to protect the public health and safety of the consumer and prepare you to pass your state board of examination, it is not designed to give you all the skills and experience you will need to meet high job market and consumer demands in a very competitive and changing job market, especially if you want to work in an upscale salon.


Tomorrow‘s hairdresser will have to know more than how to cut and style hair if they want to stand above the crowd and gain that all important competitive edge.

The growing need for more knowledge in the areas of personal growth and development , powerful people and communication skills , positive attitude development , client retention guidelines , strong work habits , self marketing , salesmanship , basic haircutting  and barbering skills , self motivation , self management , and much , much more , led me to form Hairdresser Career Development Systems  to help guide you and fill this educational void .


With over 41 years of real world experience in employee training, let me help you avoid a trial and error approach to learning and give you a head start on your journey up the ladder of success.


Beauty School is but a first step up the ladder of success. I urge you to work very hard in beauty school, listen to your teachers, maximize your full learning potential, and seek out quality education as you proceed on your journey to success and happiness.


Some of you will make that journey faster then others, but with perseverance and determination you can and will succeed. You only fail when you fail to get up.

It is essential that you form a solid learning foundation that will be invaluable as you continue to grow we are creatures of habit. Why not establish strong work habits and positive attitudes in the beginning of your career. As you start your journey, up the ladder of success you will encounter many peaks and valleys along the way, that’s part of the growing process. Learn from your mistakes and move on.


I urge you to read my book, A Hairdresser” s Guide to Success Personal, Professionally and financially, as well as my newest pamphlet 91 Success Tips for Success. My Hairdresser’s Guide to Excellence C.D. Audio will also be very helpful in helping you develop your full learning and earning potential.  I urge you to also refer to my frequently asked questions on my Beauty School Forum web site at . These frequently asked questions will help guide you on your journey to success.

I invite you to join my fan club on face book, twitter and linked in.


Our profession desperately needs you; you represent the future generation of our profession. I do hope this information will be helpful and enable you to make better informed career decisions based on fact, not guesswork as you begin your journey towards success and happiness.


It took me over 43 years of hard work through trial and error. It is my wish that I can make your journey up the ladder of success much easier than mine.

I do hope that you will be able to attend my comprehensive Hairdressers Guide to Excellence – Personally, Professionally, and Financially seminar when one comes to your area.


A trial and error approach to learning in these tough economic times is just too costly! Welcome to the beauty profession, I wish you all the success and happiness on your journey.





Jon Gonzales

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