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How Do You Measure Success and Happiness?


People measure success and happiness in many ways. Your challenge is to carefully define your own unique guidelines to your own happiness. For example many measure success by wealth alone, to many people this is important, but we all know there are many other factors on how to measure success and happiness. Personally I never measure success and happiness based on money ,  I measure wealth by family, peace of mind, good health, fulfillment and helping others. Of course we all know that money is just part of the equation, you certainly want to pay your living expenses and maintain a nice life style and plan for your financial security for you and your  family.

Success can be defined when you develop self-confidence by overcoming the peaks and valleys of of your business and personal happiness .

To start, you need to understand that success starts within. You control your own success or failure.

The following guidelines will help you conquer self-doubt and offer basic guidelines to reach higher levels of excellence— personally, professionally and financially. It is my wish that these tips will help you define your own values:


Goals — unless you clearly define what happiness means to you, you will drift aimlessly. Define and separate your goals into three areas, personally, professionally  and financially. Stay focused  and develop your competitive spirit towards reaching your goals with confidence.

Positive Attitude —  if you look real hard at the positives in life  every day,  you will not see too many of the negatives. Stay away from people who are always making excuses to fail.

Self-Improvement — I suggest you read books on self-motivation and self-improvement. Always work hard to improve on yesterday.

Self-Worth —always believe in yourself, always tell yourself you can, instead of you can’t. You better believe in yourself because you’re all you’ve got.

Ongoing Education — knowledge is power only when it is turned on. The more you learn, the more you earn. Attend classes on personal growth and development. Keep challenging yourself towards self improvement every day.

You Control Your Own Destiny — you and only you can make your dreams and happiness a reality. Are you maximizing your full learning and earning potential? Do you have the passion to make your dreams a reality?

Patience –— especially when just starting your career, finding happiness and success is a journey not a sprint.

Good Health — without good health money to many is not important. I urge you to exercise, eat the proper diet, meditate ,get your proper rest, avoid smoking and drinking etc.

Family — many salon owners are so overwhelmed trying to build a better life for themselves and their families working long hours,they sometimes sacrifice time with our families. There is a time for work and a time for family and play, your challenge is to find a balance.


I do hope that these concepts will help you define your own measure of success and happiness.

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