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Keys to Success and Happiness for Hairdressers

  “Success is not the key to success. Happiness is the key to success..If you love what you are doing,you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer


Many hairdressers are trying to raise their standard of living for themselves and their families in a very difficult economic environment. The question is how do you meet these challenges while at the same time balance your personal and professional lives?

Most of us are victims of a profession that has exploited us .

The following tips will help in your personal and professional growth:

  • Invest in Yourself Through Ongoing Education — Keep learning. The more you learn the more you earn.You control your own success or failure,nobody can stop you from learning. Challenge yourself every day to keep learning something new everyday. There is no speed limit on how much and fast you learn. Tomorrow’s business minded professional will have to know more than how to cut and style hair if you want to stand above the crowd.
  • Work Smarter, not Harder— Learn the business aspect of your development. Become more business minded.Cultivate your mind as well as your artistic skills. Taking classes in public speaking and self promotion would be a good start.
  • Don’t Follow the Crowd of Mediocrity — Dare to be different.  The beauty industry has changed dramatically. Surround yourself with successful and positive people.Sometimes you have to go outside your profession to find quality education that is not biased towards product sales disguised as education.
  • Develop a Marketing Mentality— Learn to toot your own horn. Learn all the endless possibilities of social media and marketing your skills. Social media offers fantastic opportunities that will help you promote your services to the consumer.
  • Avoid Gossip and Negativity— Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into salon gossip and pettiness, instead contribute to a positive and professional salon environment. If you have a dispute,do so with the owner in private and find a solution,not in the back room with others.
  • Take Personal Responsibility — Sometimes we have to look in our own mirror  if we are not as successful as we want to be. Your customer return rate will be your score card. Be honest with yourself and monitor your own customer return rate. You control your own destiny. If your not as busy as you want,give your boss permission to help you,they will appreciate your efforts.
  • Stay Focused — Avoid distractions, so you can focus on maximizing your full learning and earning potential. As long as you pay your own bills, then you have to make sure you seek higher levels of excellence. a higher income and fulfillment will be your reward.
  • Create a Demand for Your Services — Always work hard to create value in yourself and in your skills.

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  1. hilja haufiku August 5, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    i have my hairsalon hard working person,i m plaiting people. what must i do to go forward?

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