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Jon’s Pyramid to Success

” Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of – John Wooden. “

Anything is possible if you believe

Over the years I’ve made it a point to observe why some people make it big while others just get by. What personal characteristics set them above the crowd? I finally figured it out; they all seemed to have true grit, that fierce determination to succeed.

I want to share some of my findings, so you too can  display the same passion to succeed.  This is part one of my pyramid to success of key personal growth characteristics that will help you stand above the crowd and gain that all important competitive edge.

If you want to maximize your full learning and earning potential.  I urge you to follow these guidelines with an open mind.

  • Goals — a goal casually set will usually be abandoned at the first obstacle. Clearly define what will make you happy, then go for it.  A ship without a rudder will simply drift around and around. Develop your own goals and plan of action that will help you lead a happy and successful life. Make sure you divide your goals personally, professionally and financially.  Once you achieve your goals, then make new goals.
  • Passion and Desire — success comes from your desire to want a better life for yourself and your family.  To be the best will require you to develop a passion for wanting to reach higher levels of excellence in maximizing your full potential. Without passion and desire you will follow the crowd of mediocrity, make it part of your daily life.
  • On Going Education — there is no speed limit to learning. The more you learn, the more you earn. On-going self improvement will help you create value in your self and in your skills. As you continue to learn and gain valuable experience you will dramatically improve your self confidence and experience opportunities that you never expected.  Knowledge is power only when it is turned on. Learn something new everyday, your road to success will always be under construction.
  • Powerful People and Communication Skills — lack of communication skill is one of the biggest causes of customer loss.  By developing powerful people and communication skills, you will dramatically improve your client retention efforts.   I urge you to develop and enhance your public speaking skills; Toastmasters International would be a good start.
  • Perseverance — instead of saying you can’t, use the word ‘can’ in your vocabulary.  Use adversity as an opportunity to get better, learn from your mistakes and move on.   When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Never give up on yourself no matter how high the challenge.
  • Positive Attitude — always look for the good in people, your job, your boss and in your personal life.  If you look real hard you won’t see too many of the negatives.  A winning attitude is a prerequisite for achieving success and happiness.
  • Competitive Spirit — work hard to bring out the best in yourself.  You will be competing with many other professionals.   Work hard every day to challenge yourself to keep getting better.

These are just a few of my Pyramids to Success (part one).  I will add additional guidelines on how to climb the  ladder of success.   My book A Hairdresser’s Guide to Success – personally, professionally, and financially –  will help you maximize your full learning and earning potential.  Click Here for information on my book.

Yours truly,


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