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It’s Time for Unity among Salon Owners

It’s Time for Unity among Salon Owners

For too long salon owners have been in isolation in trying to battle the many deep rooted challenges and obstacles to running a successful and profitable business. Combating staff turnover, price and commission wars, staff pirating, inability to find quality hairdressers, lack of an on job apprenticeship training program, rising business costs…the list goes on and on.

Now is the time for unity among salon owners. It’s time that we address these challenges that are affecting our salons and our personal lives. Together we can make the changes that will improve our salon and our profession. There is power in numbers. Who better understands our educational and business needs than salon owners who work in the trenches everyday?

In the next few months I’ll be introducing some ideas to help bring together salon owners in an effort to create a unified voice that can be heard loud and clear across industry channels.  For starters, I’d love to get your feedback! Give me your Top 5 list of issues that you feel are the biggest obstacles to your salon success.  I’ll be compiling everyone’s lists together and will post the findings. Be sure to spread the word – the more involvement we get– the bigger our voice and clearer our message will be.

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