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Is Everybody on Your Staff on the Same Team?

” The key to successful leadership today is influence,not authority.” – Ken Blanchard

One of the many challenges facing salon owners who are trying to grow a successful and profitable business will depend on the salon owner’s  ability to create a team culture.

When a staff member refuses to share your vision, your goals and be part of your team,you can expect this negative attitude will spread to other members of your team.

Hairdressers who develop negative attitudes, complains about everyone and everything , are usually the ring leader in spreading gossip, and negativity in the back room. This type of person will undermine your efforts in developing a successful and growing business,  as well as undermining the livelihoods of your other staff members, and can be a contributing factor towards staff turnover. The result of this negative behavior is an erosion of unity, and creating a negative salon environment that affects everyone’s morale and productivity,including your customers. How are we to grow our business and raise prices in this environment. A house divided will never grow. Where did they form these negative work habits and attitudes? Who’s really at fault? Is it the owners fault? The hairdresser, or maybe they acquired these habits at the beauty school level. We are probably all guilty.

First of all I do not believe people perform poorly on purpose; many are victims of an educational system that did not adapt to change and adequately explained the benefits of teamwork.

Salon owners knowingly and unknowingly are also to blame.

This should have been addressed  in your employee handbook as part of your terms of employment.

The following tips will help you find a solution in building a salon team culture where everyone will benefit and enjoy going to work everyday.

Hire the Right People — be more cautious when making your hiring decisions. Make sure you follow my chapter on staff development. Click here.

Provide Terms of Employment — it is essential that you implement terms of employment in your employee handbook with a 3 or 6 month probationary period. How can you expect your team to perform if they don’t know what’s expected and how your expectations will be measured. Make sure they are compatible with your other members of your team. Let them know in the beginning of their employment that you cannot and will not tolerate this type of behavior.

Create an Environment of Trust — keep lines of communication open with your staff. Let them know your door is always open, and that you invite feedback .Create an environment of trust, not fear.

Be a Mentor — show a caring and sensitive attitude toward their growth and development.Show by your actions that you care. Excellence and leadership does start at the top.teamwork_team_work_team_A-150x150

Keep Them Busy — work hard to keep them busy with a measured flow of new customers. Of course, make sure you monitor their customer  return rate and referrals.

Open communication — Lack of communication between management and staff is a major challenge in growing your business. Make sure you conduct one on one evaluations every 2-4 months or as needed.. Start the conversation, how am I doing as your boss.

Be a Leader — you get the best of others when you give the best of yourself.

Provide Education –— invest in your salon’s greatest profit potential — educate your staff!


Before you make the decision to terminate a problem employee,try to redirect this individual into becoming a valuable member of your team. Let them know they are valued.You must of seen something positive when you hired them. It is your challenge to try to encourage them to accept your vision and leadership.

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