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Instilling A Professional and Positive Team Environment

dreamstime_10042579Instilling a Professional and Positive Team Environment

A house divided will always create a negative and unprofessional salon environment for staff, our clients, and management. No salon can experience long term growth, stability, and profitability without a team of professionals sharing the same goals and vision. As leader of your team it will be your responsibility and challenge to cultivate a team vision for your business and your team.

Your business and your staff will succeed or fail as a team, period. The benefits of teamwork are invaluable. In a salon where teamwork exists, our valued clients will feel the ambiance of congeniality, where negativity and salon gossip is non existent. Teamwork and enthusiasm is contagious. Evidence of teamwork creates a positive and professional salon environment that offers tangible benefits to our clients, our staff, and management. As professionals, we should all do our part to contribute to a team environment by not only making our customers look good,but also create a  very pleasant experience for our valued customers so they will want to return again and again.

As professionals we have a wonderful opportunity to enrich and impact the lives of our clients. Everyone on your team should work hard to do their part as a positive member of your team to make this a reality.

In addition to serving as a formidable management tool, teamwork instills pride with the other members of your staff and serves as a valuable tool in preventing many of the causes of staff turnover and staff instability. As captain of your team you must create conditions that foster loyalty and create a happy work environment by showing your team you are organized and committed to a positive and professional salon environment. As a salon owner your challenge will be in helping your team maximizes their full learning and earning potential, working hard to help your team succeed. Creating  a team environment  will help your staff strive for excellence within themselves and be a key management skill. I urge you to invest in your salon’s greatest profit potential— educate your staff. I urge you to read my book A Hairdressers Guide to Success. Click here. Make sure every member of your team has their own. This book was an important part of my training program, a very small investment in helping your team reach higher levels of performance and productivity. Your team will appreciate your efforts in helping them achieve success and happiness as well. It will serve as a valuable educational tool in helping you instill your team environment and bridge the gap between staff and management.

In July in Las Vegas I will be presenting a special Personal Development all day seminar for your team. What a wonderful way to reward your peak performers for their loyalty and hard work. I will release the date after the holidays.

If we can show your team how to double and triple their income, and improve performance and productivity you and your team will be able to double and triple profits as well as improve their full earning potential.

Let me help you take your team to higher levels of excellence.


2 Responses to Instilling A Professional and Positive Team Environment

  1. Penny Miller October 27, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    Dear Jon:

    I attended the seminar in Dallas in October. I greatly appreciated the information and motivation. Thank you for your hard work and valuable information.

    Penny Miller
    Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy

  2. Darin Rahmani May 5, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    This is your best post yet!

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