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How to Measure Your Success and Happiness


        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished.but by what you should have accomplished.” – John Wooden

 People measure success and happiness in many ways. Many people measure success by wealth, while other people measure success in other areas.

Personally I never measure success and happiness based just on money alone. We know that wealth does not guarantee total happiness.

I personally measure wealth by family, peace of mind, good health, fulfillment and helping and impacting the lives of  others. Of course we all know that money is just part of the equation, you certainly need to pay your living expenses and maintain financial security for yourself and your family.

Success is when you learn to  develop your  self confidence and determination within ; which will help you  overcome adversity and self doubt with confidence, helping you create balance within yourself towards reaching your goals.

To start, you need to understand that success starts within. You control your own success or failure. Only you can define and measure your own success or failure.

The following guidelines will help you conquer self-doubt and give you some guidelines to reach higher levels of excellence— personally, professionally, and financially.

The following tips will help you measure your own success and happiness:

Goals — unless you clearly define what will make you happy, you will be unable to define and measure your own success or happiness.  Clearly define and separate your own goals into three areas; personally, professionally, and financially. Without goals you’ll just drift aimlessly.

 Stay focused towards making your goals a reality. The easiest way to make your goals and dreams a reality is to  develop your competitive spirit towards making your goals  and expectations a reality. My book, a Hairdresser’s Guide to Success will be extremely helpful. Click here

Positive Attitude: if you look real hard at the positives every day, you will not see too many of the negatives. Stay away from people who are always making excuses to fail.

Look at adversity  as an opportunity to learn and grow. Develop a positive mind set ,by always striving to look for the good in life personally, professionally,and financially.

A book that changed my life was the Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Self-Improvement — I suggest you read books on self-motivation and self-improvement as often as you can. These two traits will help you stay focused towards your goals.

Always work hard to improve on yesterday. This can change your life.

Self-Worth —always believe in yourself, always tell yourself you can, instead of you can’t. You better believe in yourself because you’re all you’ve got.

No one and I mean no one can stop y0u from growing and learning.

Ongoing Education — knowledge is power only when it is turned on. The more you learn, the more you earn. In addition to developing your artistic skills attend classes on personal growth and development.  My  all day upcoming seminar for committed hairdressers  on personal growth and development will be in Las Vegas November 13 . The beauty profession offers an abundance of opportunities.  Cultivate your mindset , learn to work smarter, not harder.

Follow Hairdresser Career Development Systems as entrepreneurs who are always seeking ways to keep growing.

Ongoing education and self-improvement will make your life more exciting and fulfilling. Soon you will see possibilities that you never thought possible.

You Control Your Own Destiny — you and only you can make your dreams and happiness a reality. Are you maximizing your full learning and earning potential? Do you have the passion to make your dreams a reality?

Patience –— especially when just starting your career, finding happiness and success is a journey not a sprint.

By following these few tips you will be  able to better measure your own success and happiness.

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