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Growing Your Business




Chapter One: Increasing Salon Traffic

  • Increasing Salon Traffic
  • Steps in the Marketing Research Process
  • Determining Client Needs
    • Monitoring results
  • Conducting a Demographic study
    • Who are Your Potential Customers?
    • Define Your Market
    • Develop a Customer Profile

Defining Your Salon Strengths and Weaknesses


  • The Cost of Advertising Is Rising Sharply
  • Positive Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Small Business Advertising Advantages
  • The Power of The Written word
  • Who will Design Your Ad?
  • Effective Advertising
  • You’re Advertising Appeal
  • Monitoring the Results

Using Client Information Card

  • Sample: Client Information Card

Understanding the Consumer

How to Reach Your Target Market

A Full Range of Prospects

  • Present Clients
  • Past Clients
  • New Customers

Develop a Marketing and Salesmanship Mentality

Analyzing a Sales Decline


  • Publicity as a Tool
  • Getting Free Publicity
  • Media Sources for Free Publicity
  • Making the Right Contacts
  • Planning Publicity Events

Press Releases

  • How to Prepare a Press Release
  • Sample: Press Release
  • Using Photos

Promotional Ideas

A Quick Review of the Chapter

1. Your marketing Plan

2. Identify, Clarify, and Satisfy Your Customers’ Needs

3. Your Advertising Message


Chapter Two: Keeping Customers

Why Clients Don’t Come Back

  • The Problem
  • Uncomfortable Statistics
  • One Bad Player Kills the Team
  • The Rest of the Story
  • You’re Guide to Client Retention

Steps One, Start with a Winning Team

  • The Challenge
  • Hiring Guidelines
  • Observing Artistic Skills, Quality Control
  • Artistic Development

Step Two – Train Your Staff

  • Employee Training Must Be Systemized
  • The Employee Handbook
  • Sample: Table of contents
  • The Training Process

Step Three –Improve Staff Performance and Productivity

Through Good Management

  • Dangers of Poor Management
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of Poor Management
  • Encourage Staff Impute
  • Motivation and Continuing Education Combats Burnout
  • Instilling People and Communication Skills
  • Mastering the Most Difficult Skills

Step Four –Accommodate Your Clients Needs

  • Be Available for Clients
  • Customer Service — Know Its Power
  • Sample: Welcome Letter to Client
  • Sample: Appreciation Discount Card – Keeping in Touch
  • Sample: Thanksgiving Letter
  • eek Out customer Feedback
  • -What is a client worth?

In Conclusion

Chapter Three: The Importance of the Salon Coordinator


Salon Owners Wear Many Hats

The Salon Owner Coordinator’s Role in Maintaining

  • Customer Service
  • Selection of Your Salon Coordinator
  • The Salon Coordinator Job Duties
  • Sample: Job Description

The Telephone – A Direct Line to More Profits

Booking Appointments

  • Late and No shows
  • Fairness Policy in Booking Staff
  • First Time Customers
  • Booking and Under Booking

First Impressions

Monitoring Client satisfaction

Selling Retail and Other Services

In Conclusion

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