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Five Tips for Improving Staff Performance

Taking your team to a higher level

” The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”

John Wooden

Five Tips for Improving Staff Performance

One of the biggest challenges of owning a hair/spa salon business is improving staff performance and productivity. It starts with the owner.

Excellence does start at the top. Before you can manage others you must be able to manage yourself if you want to earn the trust and respect of your team.

Managing people who share your vision and goals can be daunting. The question is why is it so difficult to manage people? I do not believe hairdressers perform poorly on purpose; in my opinion many just didn’t receive  the proper educational guidance and training in the beginning of their careers.

The following tips will help you meet this challenge with confidence:

Keep Them Busy — too much down time will discourage even the best of our team from time to time. As leader of your team you should work hard to try to give your team a measured flow of new customers based on their performance and referral requests. Of course you must monitor their customer return rate  as well.

Educate — if one of your staff members are not performing to your expectations, it is your responsibility to help and mentor this individual for improved performance. The more they learn the more they earn.

Educating and helping your team reach higher levels of excellence is a key management skill that benefits everyone.

Private Mentoring — take time to seek out feedback from your staff on one on one basis from time to time. Let them know you value their hard work and effort. Let them know you value their efforts and will do everything possible to help them succeed.

Sometimes show your appreciation with a little pat on the back for a job well done.

A Positive and Professional Salon Environment – work hard to create a fun, upbeat salon environment for your team. A great salon environment benefits our clients, our team, and our bottom line.

Create a Team Culture. —a house divided will never grow.  Make sure everyone shares your vision and goals. Hire only professionals who are compatible with your other team members.

Very few of us ever thought we would have to manage people and guide them to higher levels of excellence when we started our careers.

Helping out team improve their performance and productivity requires strong leadership skills, patience, and a commitment to taking your salon and team to the level. Improved profits will be your reward. I formed Hairdresser career Development systems to help you and your team reach higher levels of excellence. With over 43 years experience as a hairdresser/salon owner I understand your challenges and your educational and business needs.

My personal success seminar for staff is designed to help you accomplish this challenge. click here I do hope that you and your team will be able to attend this highly popular personal growth success seminar when one comes to your area.

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