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Excellence Starts at The Top

   ” Authority does not make you a leader; it gives you the opportunity to be one.”

If you can’t manage yourself, how can you expect to manage your team? Whether you like it or not, you are captain of your team.

If you expect excellence within your staff, then you must lead the way in developing excellence within yourself as a salon owner.

It’s important to understand, that your teams winning attitude starts with you. Your ability to develop a team spirit where everyone shares your vision and goals will be a key leadership skill.

It is your challenge and responsibility to take your business and your team to a higher level.

I formed Hairdresser Career Development Systems to help you and your team succeed personally, professionally, and financially.

Follow these tips with an open mind:

Set Positive Examples — lead by example. A good leader not only knows where he’s going, but he can persuade people to follow him. Learn self-control before attempting to manage others.

Give Your Team Educational Guidelines — invest in your salon’s greatest profit potential — educate your team. Give them the educational tools to succeed. how can you expect your team to grow if they don’t know your expectations and how your expectations will be measured. Click here

Create a Team Culture — salon owners must work hard at being a positive influence in creating a team spirit within their business. A house divided will never grow. 

Work Hard to Educate Your Team —-  if you can show your team how to double and triple their income, they will double and triple profits

Create Conditions that Foster Loyalty —work hard to create a positive and professional salon environment. Create an atmosphere of trust, not an atmosphere of fear. Let your team know your door is always open if they need help or support. 

Praise,Incentives and Rewards — rewarding your team for their hard work by praise,incentives and sometimes just a little pat on the back can do wonders.

Whether you like it or not,it is your responsibility to take your team to a higher level, and that level starts at the top. I urge all owners to develop powerful leadership skills, help is available. Click here.

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  1. Wallim August 1, 2012 at 5:13 am #

    A leader playing a vital role with his/her staff.Mr.Jon, what’s you say about a lead and leading functionality that absolutely true.This article will help those new team leader holding as power,really such a great article contribute with us,keep your update next post.
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