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Earning Customer Trust and Loyalty

pablo(59)In today’s tough economic environment earning the trust and loyalty of customers should be a high priority. Today’s consumer has more choices and price ranges to choose from when selecting a salon that best suits their beauty needs.Competition is fierce,especially if you want  earn the trust and long term loyalty of your customer especially if you want to influence a high end clientele. Good is not enough anymore.

The following steps will help you earn the trust and long term patronage of your customer. You never get a second chance to form a positive first impression. Keep in mind that today’s consumer has many choices and price ranges to choose from when searching for a hairdresser that meets and exceeds client expectations.

Follow these guidelines with an open mind:

“If you be kind to others, they will never forget you.”

                               Jon Gonzales

Project a Professional Appearance– — If you can’t make yourself look good, how do you expect your customer to trust your expertise and judgment in choosing a look that is right for them. We are in the business of making people look good and feel good about themselves.  If you want to be respected and compensated like a professional, then you have got to look and act like a professional.

Be Personal and Enthusiastic – — smile and project a pleasing personality. We are in the business of not only making our clients look good, but also helping them feel good about themselves. Helping our customers to build self confidence and self esteem is part of our job as image consultants. A pleasant and positive personality will be a great first step. An uplifting  personality will do wonders.

Communicate – —lack of communication is the number one cause of customer loss. Listen intently in trying to understand your client’s needs then skillfully and in an articulate manner offer your professional opinion. Above all, listen

Develop Customer Rapport – — Let your client talk about their interests not yours. If she is a grandma let her talk about her grandchildren. Always try to find topics of interest from your client. The focus should be on her interests not yours.

Excel at Customer Service – —work hard to exceed client expectations by doing a little more than what is expected. Perhaps a little neck massage after the shampoo, perhaps be a little kinder than necessary. Know the power of customer service.

A Caring Attitude – — by your actions show a genuine caring attitude towards each and every customer.

Seek Customer Feedback – — always invite customer feedback. Let your customer know that you invite criticism and will not take that criticism personally. It often takes a couple of visits to really understand client needs.

Peak Performer — gain that competitive edge by always work to exceed client and owner expectations

In these difficult times these guidelines will help you stand above the crowd. I urge you to review my book a Hairdresser’s Guide to Success Personally, Professionally, Financially. It will serve as a road map to follow in helping you reach your goals. Click here.

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0 Responses to Earning Customer Trust and Loyalty

  1. Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach February 2, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    Thank you thank you thank you! I have been teaching people-skills for over 20 years to large corporations, mid-size enterprises, and gov’t agencies. I revel in great customer service.
    When you wrote “Salon staff – you are there not just to make customers look good but also to help them feel good”, you captured the essence of what I want in a salon. It does not have to be upscale for me to feel good.
    It does have to give me choices, pamper me by fastening the cape around my neck to *my satisfaction, giving me a shampoo that almost puts me to sleep, and recognizing that I want to look the way I like — not the way you want people to see me.

    Most especially, hair salons could gain so much more business if they were willing to train all staff in the concepts you outlined — the front desk, the shampoo assistants, the floor sweepers, and the list goes on.

    When I asked one shampoo assistant about getting the color off my temples, she quipped “I’ve been washing hair forever, I know what I’m doing.” I never let her touch me again. If someone isn’t willing to collaborate with me, I see no reason to trust them or tip them.

    I loved your post. I will RT it on Twitter.
    Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach

    • Jon February 3, 2010 at 10:47 am #

      Thank you Kate, very nice of you to respond. in today’s tough economy, those of us in the service business trades especially in hair salons have a wonderful opportunity to make our customers feel like winners. People skill development is critical if you want to gain that all important competitive edge. My mother always said if you sincerely like and care about people you will love what you do. we have a wonderful opportunity to help people feel good about themselves.

      Jon Gonzales

  2. Jim Ferguson March 13, 2010 at 1:08 am #

    What a wonderful piece on salon’s interpersonal relationships and how to keep it Simple!

  3. Jon March 13, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    Thanks Jim for your kind words.

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