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Developing Your Skills TOC

Developing Your Skills
A Message from the Author

Chapter One: Taking Responsibility

  • Overcoming Obstacles of the Past
  • The Success Solution: Take Time to Develop
    Your Staff management Skills
  • Excellence Begins with a Strong Staff
    Development Program

Why So Many Salons Are Failing

  • Educational Reforms
  • Beauty Schools
  • Trial and Error is Just Too Costly

Do You Have What It Takes

  • Measuring Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Salon Owner/ Manager Quiz

Chapter Two: Personal Leadership

  • Determine your Goals and Objectives
    Your business Plan
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Helping Your Employees Reach Higher Levels of Excellence

The Captain of the Team

What leaders have in Common

Exploring Successful Leadership Skills

  • Overcoming Time Restraints

Build the Reputation of Your Salon Not Your Hairdressers

Chapter Three: Staff Management
Managing a Winning Team

  • Making Winners out of Your Staff
  • Instill a Team Spirit
  • People Management

Employee Training and Development

  • Developing Your Team
  • Define Job Descriptions
  • What to Include In a Job Description
  • Provide on going support
  • Benefits of Performance Review
  • Managing for Improved Performance and Productivity
  • Sample: Performance and Productivity Report
  • Sample: Employee Progress Report
  • Benefits of Monitoring Employee Performance
  • You’re Employee Handbook
  • Make customer Service a High Priority
  • Management, squats for Knowledge and Information

Understanding Human Behavior

  • The importance of This Key Management Skill
  • Negative Behavior and Owner Responses
  • Identify the Causes of Negative Behavior

Keys to Motivating People

Dealing with Problem Employees

  • Preventative Actions
  • Redirecting Your Problem Employee
  • When All Else Fails

Twelve Keys to Successful Management

In Conclusion

About the Author

About Hairdresser Career Development systems

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