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Developing an Effective Customer Communication Strategy

  “If you are unable to get your message across about the benefits of your services and products,your marketing efforts won’t work.”

Salon owners that know how to develop effective communication strategies with their current customers and know how to connect with future customers for maximum effect will instantly improve their bottom line by keeping their clients informed.

Salons that not only connect with their customers but also strive to cement  long time relationships that are long lasting and beneficial to both will clearly stand above the crowd. Creating meaningful customer dialogues will translate to more business and improved profitability . Knowing how to deliver your message and earn the trust and loyalty of your present and future customers will be powerful.

Knowing how to connect with customers each time you reach them for maximum effect will dramatically improve your advertising and marketing efforts and save you money as well. Knowing how to reach people cost effectively in a clear coherent and frequent manner will build quality relationships and their loyalty for years to come. Unfortunately far too many salons are taking current customers for granted and not developing strong customer relationships with current and future customers. Today’s ’savvy consumer have many choices on where and how they want to spend their hard earned money. Competition will continue to gr0w.

By knowing how to create meaningful dialogues with your customers and future customers, you will indeed gain that all important competitive edge that will translate into more business and profits.

With the advent of social media,there are many ways to not only attract new customers,but also cement  long term business relationships and improve customer loyalty as well. Whether you connect by your web site, Facebook, twitter you tube,blogs or other means; staying in touch with your current and future customers is critical if you want to maintain a high profile salon.



                                                Email Newsletters is Cost Effective


Your salon works hard to build and increase salon traffic, but it’s even harder to build a strong customer base and keeping them coming back time and time again if you don’t stay in touch . We all know that positive word of mouth referrals will always be your key barometer  on how well your performing and will be your cheapest and best form of advertising . Implementing a strong client retention program is essential to growing your business. Building long term customer loyalty to your business , by retaining those valued customers, should be one of your top priorities.

One effective and cost effective method of reaching your current and future customers is by writing an effective email newsletter, either monthly or quarterly. There are many people that will do this for you if you have limited time. An effective newsletter also offers many opportunities that  will help you  stay in touch with your customers by keeping them abreast of the latest developments in your business and special offers.

Your email newsletter  will allow you to make special announcements , new staff announcements , send messages of thanks to your customers ,  allow you to stay in touch with current clients ,offer salon incentives , early bird incentives , fashion and design tips , sell retail products or services , measure customer retention , invite customer feedback on your relationship building efforts ,shore up your market position in your community with communication tactics that are little know and rarely used by others ,  press releases , and fully connect with customers each time you reach them for maximum effect . Make sure your newsletter will be linked with your salon web site and other social media resources.

E mail marketing is an excellent and cost effective method to adding a personal touch to your business by informing your customers and future customers that you do value and appreciate their business.

You can also use excerpts of your newsletter via post card, advertising or writing a salon newsletter writing a blog on image enhancements.l. Please refer to my book, Growing Your Business for other helpful cost effective marketing and advertising ideas. Click here. I urge you to take the time to explore and develop effective communication strategies for your business. It will set you apart from your competition.

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