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How to Find and Keep Top Talent

“Time spent hiring peak performers will be a great investment and time well spent.” – Jon Gonzales Finding and keeping top talent is a key component to building and keeping your championship team. As I travel throughout the United States and Canada presenting my business seminars to salon owners and managers, one of the top […]

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New Years Resolution

A New Beginning: New Year Resolutions for 2018

     A New Beginning: New Year Resolutions for 2017 “Happiness is that particular sensation you encounter when you’re just too busy to feel miserable.” – Jon Gonzales I do hope you all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now that the holiday season is behind us, let’s plan and prepare for […]

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Straight Talk from Jon Gonzales

Straight Talk from Jon Gonzales My straight talk blog post is designed to identify and find solutions affecting our salon, our standard of living and our profession. Those of you who know me, know I have the utmost respect for everyone working in the beauty profession,especially salon owners and hairdressers. You also know I am […]

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Providing Staff Incentives

 “A pat on the back accomplishes much more than criticism.” Jon Gonzales Incentives for Improving Staff Performance and Productivity There are many ways to improving staff performance and productivity. Strong management, a strong employee training program,  a very busy salon, strong leadership and mentoring, a positive and professional salon environment, a shared team vision, continuing education, […]

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Profit is Not a Dirty Word!

 “The worst crime against working people is a salon that fails to make a profit.” Attention Hairdressers —– Profit is Not a Dirty Word! There is a widespread misunderstanding by many hairdressers why a business needs to make a profit. Sadly, many hairdressers feel that salon owners are greedy . In chat rooms I read […]

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Combating Rising Business Costs

Combating Rising Business Costs The cost of owning your own business will escalate, rising taxes, increased minimum wage, sick leave mandates the possibility of vacation mandates, fees, energy, and the cost of owning your own business continues to grow. As business costs rise, the margin of profitability for salon owners keeps getting lower. Other competitive  […]

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staff retention

Staff Retention Guidelines

“Nothing will improve a person’s more hearing than praise.”   Identifying and Avoiding the Causes of Staff Turnover: More and more salon owners will need to be aware that key members of your staff will be recruited to greener pastures in the form of adverting, post cards, and other means,of course they will be encouraged […]

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My 2014 Wish List for Hairdressers

” If we are to raise the standard of living for hairdressers,then we must raise our standard of educational excellence.” – Jon Gonzales Last week I created a wish list for salon owners in an effort to help them become better business men and women. There ability to develop strong leadership skills and become astute […]

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Keys to Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

Written by Jon on August 25, 2013 – 12:00 pm – “I do not believe hairdressers perform poorly on purpose;they just have not been properly educated.”  Jon Gonzales Assuming that you have taken the time to hire the right people who share your vision, goals, and educational concepts; your next step to improving your salon’s […]

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