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Benefits of an Employee Handbook

“When everyone shares the same vision and goals , a positive and professional salon environment will be your reward.” — Jon Gonzales

One of the leading causes of staff turnover and lack of communication between staff and management is the absence of an employee handbook. Many of your challenges towards improving staff performance and growing your business could be eliminated with an effective and well defined employee handbook.

How can you expect your team to perform if they do not understand what is expected and how how your expectations will be measured? As leader of your team, you must create a team environment if you want to create a positive and professional salon environment that will help you  combat gossip negativity, and misunderstandings between you and your team.

A positive and professional salon environment will benefit not only your team and salon but also give your clients a truly professional experience.

It is essential that your employee handbook clearly defines your terms of employment and your expectations and how they will be measured, before you make your final decision when adding a new member to you team. During the interview make sure they share your goals, vision,your quality control standards.

Instilling a probation period would also be valuable. The following information will help you write your own. My book Creating Your salon will guide you in writing your own. Check it out! Click here.

Here are a few tips on the benefits of an Employee Handbook.


Instills Team Work — when everyone is on the same team, and shares your vision and educational guidelines,you will be taking a giant step in creating a team culture.

Improve Communication — lack of communication between staff and management is a major cause of salon gossip, pettiness and negativity. Your handbook will help your team members  better understand your goals and vision.Your employee handbook will let them know your door is always open.

Protects You and Your Employees Rights— your employee hand book will be a great defense in protecting not only your rights as a salon owner, but the rights of your staff.Labor laws are being enforced; especially new government mandates on minimum wage, overtime  pay, sick leave  etc.Your employee handbook will be a valuable tool in protecting you and your business.

Protect Your Rights from Frivolous Lawsuits — due to a growing trend that protects the rights of your employees. A clearly defined handbook will prove invaluable.
Improves Performance — your team will improve their performance when their job duties are clearly defined.

Eases the Heavy Burden of Salon Ownership — will help eliminate the constant challenges of managing and motivating your team.

Combats Staff Turnover — helps eliminates misunderstandings between staff and management. Your employee hand book will be a deterrent in combating turnover

 Saves You  Time — most salons fail from within. As an owner you can’t afford to waste your valuable time in putting out fires within your salon.

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In closing, your employee handbook should serve as a critical first step in developing your championship team. You’re invited to view all my educational programs. Click here.

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