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Balancing Your Life and Business

Lost and Confused Signpost

“Tomorrow will be a better day if we begin today to improve it”

Salon owners, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressures and challenges of owning your own business? Are you combating burnout? Is your business affecting your personal life? Is stress affecting your health? Do you manage your business or does your business manage you. Do you manage your staff or do they manage you? I think you know what I’m talking about.

I’m sure everything that has happened to you has happened to me during my 45 years of owning my salons. Nobody ever said owning a business would be easy, it certainly was difficult and yes, I wanted to quit many times along the way, but my desire for a better life for my family, renewed passion, learning from my mistakes,and determination, I overcame the challenges of salon ownership and was able to retire financially independent,debt free.

Now I have an opportunity to give back and share my vast experiences and educational concepts, helping my colleagues learn from my mistakes and successes in the hopes of making their journey to the top easier than mine.

If you want to take back control of your life, your business  and  regain your passion to succeed, I hope these few tips will be beneficial.

Here are a few tips that will help you combat some of the challenges of owning your own business and help you form a better balance between your business and personal life:

Success is a State of Mind : your biggest obstacle seeking a better balance will probably be yourself.You control your own destiny. Your mind controls everything. If you keep thinking you will fail, you probably will. A negative mind can enslave you or empower you.

Believe in Yourself : you control your own destiny;nobody is going to stop you from learning. Success is a state of mind;instead of saying I can’t, say I can.There is no speed limit towards self improvement and education.

Hard Work : Building and growing your business requires hard work and a fierce determination to succeed. Success in any endeavor requires hard work, sacrifices, and ongoing self improvement. This is a journey not a sprint,you don’t get three wishes.

Get Help : seek out help from people who have succeeded,help is available,especially in the areas of learning how to be astute business men and women. Most of you have already developed your artistic skills;but do you know how to market and promote your business for more customers ? Do you know how to improve staff performance and productivity? Do you know how to build and keep tour winning team? have you developed your business skills? Are profits going up? I founded Hairdresser Career Development Systems,free of any special interest groups to help you meet the growing challenges of salon ownership. Click Here.

On May 21-22 11-12, 2017 I will be presenting my comprehensive two day business seminar for Salon entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. Check it out!

Develop a Positive Mindset : excellence does start at the top,as leader of your team, always be positive in growing your team,and of course you will endure peaks and valleys, if you if you look real hard at the positives you won,t see too may of the negatives.

Patience : it takes time to build a successful business, take one step at a time. Stay determined, learn from your mistakes,keep seeking self improvement , especially developing your business management skills and move on. You only fail when you fail to get up.

Ongoing Education and Self Improvement : the door to education is never closed. Education will help you stay focused on your goals. The more you learn,especially when developing your business skills, the more you will you will renew your passion and build a successful and profitable business. Endless possibilities will be your reward.

Business : a recent study showed that 94% of all businesses fail due to poor business management skills on the part of the owner. Your salon is a business and must be run like a business. The more you learn, the better you will be able to balance your business and personal life.

You need not go it alone, help is available through Hairdresser Career Development Systems. Hope to see you in Las Vegas for an educational experience that will help you control your business and your life. For more information and easy registration call 1-800-390-4237 or visit my web site at and click seminar for salon owners.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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