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A Special Happy Mother’s Day

” Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while,but their heart’s forever.” –

This week’s blog posting is dedicated to all  Mother’s working in the beauty profession.

Trying to earn a living,be a good mother or owning your own business is a gigantic challenge for all women ; especially single mother’s  who want a better life for yourself and your family.

It is my wish that my blog from my new book I will be publishing soon, A Women’s Guide to Success and Happiness, will brighten your day, a day that should be special every day of the year.

A few thoughts on your Special Mothers Day:



Excellence Begins Within: unleash the power within, you control your own destiny and happiness; always believe in yourself, build self confidence, take the word I can’t out of your vocabulary and replace it with I can.

Stop Worrying — stay positive,stop worrying over things you have no control over,when you’re a little down on yourself or are having a tough day,always remember other people may have bigger challenges than you. Enjoy the moment and quit worrying about the next day,live the moment.


Set Your Own High Standards — live up to your own expectations, not the expectations of others. You control your own happiness. Never accept mediocrity personally, professionally, and financially. Challenge yourself  everyday to find the things in life that brings you fulfillment and happiness.


A Special Hug –— give your mother a special hug and let her know how much you appreciate all the sacrifices she’s made for you as your mother. Let her know you love her unconditionally. although flowers and gifts are nice,just a simple hug and the words I love you will really will make her day special. For those of you whose mother has passed away,always cherish the memories.

Balance Your Life — there is a time for work,and a time for your personal life and family. Your challenge is to find time for both. The easiest way to find that balance is to set your own goals and organize your business so you can manage your business ,not your business manage you.


Pamper Yourself — It’s okay to be a little selfish and pamper yourself once in awhile. Take a walk on the beach,or treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a special day at the spa. Appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you,the bottom line is,enjoy life every moment.


Pride in Yourself — You are special,when you respond to yourself with compassion rather than anger,guilt,sadness,or disappointment,you will be evaluating yourself as the imperfect person you are. It’s okay to fail once in awhile, learn from your mistakes and move on.

Take pride in all that you do.

When working as a professional in the beauty industry, women must wear many hats while trying to be a good mother and add financial support to their families.

As a fellow professional, I have the utmost respect for all of you. It is my wish that these few comments will brighten your special day,and hope everyday of the year be a  Happy Mothers Day.

Jon Gonzales






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