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A New Year,a New Beginning


A New Year, a New Beginning

 ” I believe the best way to start a new year is to say I can,instead of I can’t.” – Jon Gonzales

2018 will be a year of many challenges for both hairdressers and salon owners. Business costs will continue to escalate, a fragile and unsteady economy, price and commission wars, combating staff turnover,  and business uncertainty are just a few of the challenges  salon owners will have to face with confidence. Business practices that may have succeeded in the past are now outdated and obsolete. Finding answers and solutions to all these new challenges by trial and error is unacceptable.

Despite these challenges, I do believe that well managed businesses will prosper, studies consistently tell us that only 5% of all salons make it past 5 years, the reason; most salon owners will continue to be in denial and will always be looking for excuses to fail. It is much easier to stay in their comfort zone. As salons continue to struggle and fail, those of you who are business minded and determined to make your business a success will be in great demand. Today’s consumers are crying out for upscale professional salons and hairdressers. Make sure you attend my intensive two day business seminar for salon owners which will be held in Las Vegas in 2018.


Review 2017 — Take time to reflect on 2017. Was your business profitable? Are you happy with the growth of your business? have you taken the time to review your  failures, accomplishments, and lessons learned?  This is a good time to plan for the coming new year. I urge you to review your numbers and profit and loss statement. Did you make a profit? Were you satisfied ? If not, why? Take a long look at your score card, numbers do not lie,then make adjustments.

Set New Goals for 2018 — What are your goals and aspirations- personal, professional and financial? With out goals or a plan of action you will waste time drifting aimlessly searching for solutions. are you happy with your growth and development as a professional? If not why? Make sure you develop a plan  of action to follow. A trial and error approach to managing your salon and team by trial and error in today’s tough economy is unacceptable.

Hire The Right People — Make sure you develop a comprehensive staff development program. Hiring the wrong people is one of the biggest mistakes salon owners make. Does your staff share your goals and vision about your business? Do you have a recruitment plan attracting top talent? Have you  created  a team culture in building your championship team. Refer to my book Creating Your Salon for help in developing your own staff development program. Click here.

Invest in Your Salon’s Greatest Profit Potential —Educate and train your staff. Teach them how to be successful by providing the leadership by  developing your own employee training program or follow mine. My new success seminar for hairdressers will help you improve staff performance and productivity.

If we can show your team how to triple their income;you’ll triple profits. My seminar will show them how to stand above the crowd.

Evaluate Your Current Staff – are you happy with your current team and their performance?  Do they share your vision and goals?  I will be presenting a very special all day personal development seminar for your team in helping address and improve their work habits, attitudes and improve their performance and productivity.

Increase Salon Traffic — It is your responsibility to work hard at marketing and promoting your business and keeping your staff busy. Work hard to develop your marketing and advertising skills. Focus your attention on cost effective ways to increase salon traffic. Make sure you monitor the results of your marketing and advertising efforts as well as monitoring the performance of your staff. Why is your salon different from all the other salons in your community? What is your competitive edge? What are your competitors competitive edge? Are you taking advantage of the great marketing opportunities with social media and email marketing as well as mobile phone apps. These are just some of the questions you need to answer.

Measure Client Retention— all the money and effort advertising and promoting your salon is a waste of time and money if new customers never return. Make sure you monitor your salon,s customer return rate and measure the performance and productivity of your staff. Customer loss is devastating to business growth and profitability. Negative word of mouth is the worst kind of advertising.

Seek Out Help – Hairdresser Career Development Systems will be providing educational resources and seminars in helping you take your business and your team to the next level. Your not alone, help is available. make sure your team attends Jon’s powerful all day personal development  seminar in Las Vegas, on Mon.-Tuesday August 10-11 in Las Vegas ,Nevada.I will be releasing the date after the holidays.

Review Your Operating Expenses — The easiest way to improve profits is to cut overhead expenses. Review your 2017 expenses, and make the necessary adjustments for 2018.

It is my sincere wish that 2018 will be a successful and profitable year for your business, yourself, your team, and your families. As President of HCDS, I will continue to seek out information and find solutions that will help you meet the many challenges of career building and salon ownership. Looking forward to meeting you at one of my seminars or trade show presentations soon. Check out my invaluable educational resources. click here

Wishing you and your families a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

For continuing business tips and ongoing information please follow me on my Facebook business fan page beginning in march 2018.Click here

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