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A Hairdresser’s Guide to Success: Personal, Professional, Financial TOC

A Hairdresser’s Guide to Success: Personal, Professional, Financial
Is Hairdressing a Good Profession to Enter?
Advantage of a Hairdressing Career
Will There Be a Demand for Hairdressers in the Future
Where the hairdressing Profession Needs Improvement
The Hairdresser Career Development System
Why was HCDS Created?
H.C.D.S. Teaches You How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Presentation of H.C.D.S. Concepts in this Book

Part I – Your Personal Success

Chapter 1 – Developing Personal Power

  • Success Begins with a winning attitude About Yourself
  • Do You Know What It Takes to be successful?
  • Qualities of winners
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Be Successful
  • Key areas for Assessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Personal Development Quiz

Chapter 2 – Goal Setting

  • Do You Know Where You’re Going ?
  • Career Planning —- Developing a Plan of Action
  • Defining and Developing Your Own goals
  • Choosing Your Professional Goals
  • Achieving Your Financial Goals
  • Prioritizing Your Goals
  • Keys to Fulfilling Your Goals

Chapter 3 – Overcoming Obstacles

  • Reaching Your Goals
  • Avoid These Obstacles to Success!
  • Why People Never Reach Their Goals
  • Why People Fail!
  • Remember : Successful People Have

Part 2 – Your Professional Success

Chapter 4 – How to Build an Enthusiastic Clientele

  • Keys to Developing an Enthusiastic Clientele : Winning Your Client’s Trust, Confidence, and Long Term Patronage
  • Overcoming Clients Fears from Negative Past Experiences
  • What do Clients expect?
  • What Makes Clients Dissatisfied?
  • Human Behavior Guidelines
  • Customer Service as a Competitive Edge
  • Salon Procedures

Step One : First Contact – the Telephone
Step Two : You’re Professional Appearance
Step Three : Greeting the customer for the First Time
Step Four : Understanding Your Clients Needs


Chapter 5 – The Consultation Process

  • Communication Is the Key to Understanding Clients Needs
  • Clarifying Clients Vague instructions
  • Questions to Ask your Client
  • Guidelines to creative Listening
  • Dealing with Clients Unrealistic Expectations
  • Trends and Fashions in Meeting Your Client’s Image Needs
  • Review : Speaking and Acting like a Professional

Chapter 6 -Your Artistic and Technical Skills

  • Steps to Outstanding Haircutting Skills
  • Developing Your Hair Coloring Skills
  • Developing Your Permanent Wave Skills
  • Precautions to Follow Before Giving a Permanent Wave
  • Steps to follow in giving a Permanent Wave
  • Some Common complaints and proven solutions
  • Don’t Forget the Men! –An Untapped Market

Part Three Your Financial Success

Chapter 7 Increasing your Income with

  • Your Sales Skills
  • Guidelines for Developing Your Selling ability
  • Review : Keys to Improving Your Sales skills

Chapter 8 The Value of Client Retention

  • Some Interesting Statistics about Customer Loss
  • Customer Loss is Just to Costly
  • Do You Know the Real Damage of Customer Loss
  • The Chez Jon Salon approach to client Retention
  • Review

Chapter Nine – Financial planning for your future

  • Achieving Financial Independence
  • How Money Works – Some Examples
  • Start Now!

A Hairdressers Code to Success
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