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A Commitment to Excellence Must Start at the Top

He who has confidence in himself will lead the rest

“As captain and leader of your team, you and only you must provide the leadership in taking your business and your team to higher levels of excellence”.

  • Do you know what it takes to be a leader?
  • Do you have what it takes to be a leader?
  • Do you know how to develop a  winning team  that shares your business goals, vision, and expectations?
  • Have you made a commitment to developing excellence within yourself ?
  • Do you have an open mind to seeking help through on going education, especially in the business management aspect of salon ownership?
  • Do you manage your business or does your business manage you?
  • Do you manage your staff or does your staff manage you?
  • Do you have that fighting spirit and commitment to succeed regardless of the obstacles along the way?

Before you can manage others you must learn to manage yourself. These are just some of the challenges of leadership you will face when trying to develop your leadership a and people management skills.

The following tips will help you meet the growing challenges on improving staff performance, productivity, and business growth:

Desire and Commitment — A true commitment is a heartfelt promise to yourself that you will never back down when the going gets tough. Strong leaders are committed to taking their business and their staff to higher levels of excellence no matter what it takes.

Continuing Education — leaders recognize that they must seek out information and knowledge especially in the area of people management, when building a cohesive team of professionals that all share the same vision.  A house divided will never grow.

Organization and Structure — leaders have a winning business plan in place.  Leaders carefully hire only compatible members to their team who share the same values.  They provide the organizational structure that clearly defines their vision, goals, and educational guidelines so that their staff knows management expectations and how these expectations will be measured.  They provide the educational tools and guidance so their team to be successful. Employees do respect management when their duties are clearly defined.

A Team Structure — leaders know the value of creating a team spirit within their salon.  They realize that they must work hard to earn the trust and respect of their workers. A strong leader knows the value in building self esteem not only in as a salon owner but also within their staff.

Honesty and a code of Ethics — Successful leaders know the long lasting values of honesty, integrity and a strong code of ethics. If they want to instill honesty and trust within their business and staff, they must set an example.  Employees do respect honesty and a code of ethics, and it starts with the owner.

These are just some of the qualities that you need to develop if you want to earn the respect of your team, in taking your team and business to a higher level. If you want more information in developing strong leadership skills please refer to my book Developing Your Skills.

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