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Keys to Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

successladder-250x166 “I do not believe hairdressers perform poorly on purpose;they just have not been properly educated.”  Jon Gonzales

Assuming that you have taken the time to hire the right people who share your vision, goals, and educational concepts; your next step to improving your salon’s greatest asset will be in educating and leading your staff to higher levels of performance and productivity. This will require strong leadership skills on your part as leader,mentor, and coach of your team. Your challenge is to  earn the trust and loyalty of your team and  persuade them to want to follow you and perform at peak levels every day. Keep in mind that authority does not make you a leader;it gives you the opportunity to be one.

Excellence Begins at the Top. — Always lead by example. Work hard to earn the loyalty , respect and trust from your staff

Set Targets and Goals — keep challenging your team to higher levels of excellence by setting  specific client retention and productivity targets or goals on a weekly or monthly  basis. Periodic one on one evaluations would be a good start.

Reward Your Peak Performers — Provide incentives ,rewards, and bonuses based on performance and productivity. Create a climate that rewards peak performers who excel at customer service.

Work Hard to Keep Your Staff Busy — with a measured flow of customers, making sure you monitor their customer and referral return rate. Learn to work smarter, not harder by organizing and structuring your business, this show your staff that your organized. 

Improve Staff Performance and Productivity — Invest in your salon’ greatest profit potential —invest in educating your staff and yourself. A team that learns together stays together.

Invest in Your Salon’s Greatest Profit Potential — Invest in continuing education for your staff (and yourself!)

Create a Positive and Professional Work Environment — as leader of your team,you are responsible to create a positive and professional salon work environment,where every member of your team looks forward to coming to work everyday. Let them know you appreciate and value their hard work. Sometimes a little pat on the back will do wonders.

Build Self-Esteem and Confidence in Your Employees — always work hard  to show a sincere and caring attitude towards their growth and development. Always work hard as their mentor to make them feel like winners.Let them know you value and appreciate their hard work and effort. Sometimes a little pat on the back will do wonders. This shows you appreciate their loyalty and hard work

Instill a Team Culture — a house divided will never grow.Make sure everyone on your team shares your vision, goals, and educational concepts

Let me help you cultivate this important aspect of employee training.

In July, I will be presenting an all day personal development seminar for hairdressers in Las Vegas. I will be releasing the date after the holidays.

If we can show your team how to double and triple their income, you will double and triple your profits.

This will be an excellent way to reward your team for their hard work and loyalty.

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3 Responses to Keys to Improving Staff Performance and Productivity

  1. Cheryl November 5, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

    Hi Jon,

    I love the way you lay out the information, thank you. It is easy to get the point and extremely comprehensible as well as informative. I’m sure your followers appreciate it.

    • Jon November 15, 2009 at 6:41 pm #

      Thank you Cheryl, if you have any questions please submit, I,ll offer my opinion, and ask others for their imput as well

  2. Sebastian December 23, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

    Jon, I’m curious what your thoughts are about business metrics and the best way to track them. I don’t have any direct experience with the Salon industry, but I work with a lot of small business owners trying to increase revenues. The #1 problem I find with failing businesses is that they don’t know where customers come from, what it costs to acquire a customer, or what the lifetime value is. Without those numbers, it’s really hard to make any plan to improve income.

    I really like your advice to make “sure you monitor their customer and referral return rate.” Those kinds of numbers are the lifeblood of a successful business. But if it were me, I’d be pushing to track a lot more. From what I understand, no shows can be deadly in the salon business. I recently wrote an article on reducing the no-show rate and think it might be helpful here. You can read it at

    I’d be really interested to hear what you think about it. Thanks for the interesting read and I’ll look forward to more of it.

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